Your Analytical Data Crisis solved.

We know how to do it.

Facing a serious project crisis with your big or analytical data project? No idea how to get out of this trap? Preasure from all stakeholders?

Big & Analytical Data projects are special we understand that and we know how to deal with it!

We support you with remote & on site solving project management, architectural and technical issues. We have more than 20 years experience in big data and analytical pojects with financial institutions.

Fixed Pricing Packages

We don’t charge you hourly or daily rates – we deliver value like Netflix delivers movies. On demand and you can quit anytime.

We deliver results

Our team of experts consists of business, project and technical experts. Therefore we promise to deliver results based on a holistic view.

Data Mesh

We understand and already built decentralized solutions to solve big and analytical data issues. We are proponents of bringing data back to business.

A clear results oriented support to solve your big & analytical data crisis. 

Systemic View

We look into your issues considering all aspects of a complex system.

Data Mesh driven

We are proponents of bringing the data back to business. The term Data Mesh was coined by Thoughtworks.

Project Management Solutions

We are experts in understanding crisis project situations. We know how to deal with complex big & analytical data projects

Business Solutions

We understand business requirements of accounting, controlling, trading & treasury departments in financial institutions.


Technical Solutions

We have deep technical experience in Microsoft & Oracle based big and analytical environments.

What our customers tell us

Thinking about the whole complex system and having a lot of experience in Big & Analytical Data projects led to our decision to work with AHAP GmbH.

The results proved us right, we were able to completely replan our project in a way it leads to early and predicable results.

The most important part for us was to reduce risk and uncertainty to a manageable level.

How we do business

Our packages

Analysis Package

You will receive a summary on where your current situation assesed by us.


Project Management Solution

We know how to manage projects in the analytics data area – we will provide you with a working plan and implementation strategy how to bring your data analytics data project back on track.

Business Solution

We provide you based on our analysis with our view of the as is situation and a proposal how to deal with it.

Technical Solution

We support you in implementing the needed and agreed upon changes.


We offer a supervision phase where we support in making sure the changes are lasting.